My New Look And What Made Me Do It

So I’ve been being asked all these questions behind why I’ve decided to start wearing my hair mainly purple.

As a child I was obsess with the other indigo, blue, and purple (which is funny since my actual name is Indigo). I would dye my hair blue and purple all the time and even use to wear full blown purple make up and lipstick. I just was obsessed with the idea of being a cartoon character. At the time I was in love with Hello Kitty, Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers, and anime.

My main mission was to be just as bright as the girls I saw and wanted to be like.

However, I never got the chance to full blown do it the way I wanted to, mainly because I was broke a majority of the time since I was too young to have a job or any way of making money. Also around the age of 16-17 people were making fun of me for having weird colored hair so I started trying to be like everyone else stopping myself from enjoying the full aspects of colorful hair.


Then of course I joined the army and crazy colored hair was a no-no. So after being in so long and deciding I don’t care what people think of me; I bought some lace front wigs in color and I’ve been rocking them !! I love the look and even if it seems corny or too much to others I really don’t care.


With the colored hair i’ve gotten so much more confidence and enjoyment in being myself. They say blondes have more funs but I think they forgot about the crazy colored girls.

To quickly answer some questions though; yes I am in the army. I wear front lace wigs on my off time when i’m not around my job or on post.


No my hair isn’t really purple…just in case you still didn’t get what I said.

I don’t care that it’s an odd color I love it for me.

I probably will try other colors in the future I just haven’t decided on what yet….

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