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So hey guys! My first day exploring Yongsan Base was pretty fun. We weren’t allowed to go off the post and really explore but we took the time to enjoy the area itself and I have to say it was worth it. I loved the little city where people walk everywhere and wear cute weather gear. Puffy jackets and fur are very common in Korea it seems which  made me happy since that’s my fav.

Some things I learned while being on base, though:

  • They take won on and off the post.
  • Between the times of 3-5 depending on the restaurant, they close for a minimum of an hour to eat dinner together without customers.
  • They don’t tax on the post but the prices are raised for typical items that usually are less in the US.
  • Octopus is actually really good! I loved it to be honest.
  • The cars here have extra back mirrors that can be seen through their back windows for whatever reason I still don’t get.


Korea hasn’t been extremely cold but your hands and ears do get a little numb. I’m happy i bought my ear muffs for 15 won. I could have gotten them in the states and probably off the post cheaper but they do the job so I’m not complaining.

I also bought the Tone Argan body wash for 3.99:

16972722Let me tell you…this stuff right here smells so good and keeps your skin so soft. I’m actually surprised by the quality for the price.


My video for the day is still being made and once I have it i’ll post that too, otherwise I hope you guys enjoyed this quick update!

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