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My current Art Inspiration: #Blackboymagic


I’ve been painting now for about eight months. Throughout painting I have always feared painting people; it just was never my thing. I was comfortable when I was painting and replicating different cartoon and anime characters but when it came to painting people it literally made my palms sweaty. I would get asked and automatically say no, not wanting to even chance it. However, after a lot of anxiety, I told myself to make the leap and I’ve never been so proud. I couldn’t decide what I was really into painting until I heard about Chance The Rapper’s #blackboyjoy movement. His idealism of boys not always having to be hard and being able to smile. It made me think about my own personal problems with men.

Being a feminist, people automatically think that means you hate men. That’s not true. I love men, I love men who love themselves, though. Out the womb, boys are brought up differently from women. They are told not to cry, not to like certain things, not to be themselves. They are pushed to believe they are supposed to be these strong harsh people to make it, especially in the black community. Automatically to fit in, men are made to feel like they have to be tough and be violent. To fight to prove they are strong, and to be cruel and always be tough. I hate that.


I love men who are happy. Who smile and have a desire to bring positivity to others. That’s what made me start my own painting project based on the #blackboyjoy movement.

I am painting men of our generation that bring positivity to the black community. Who have positive messages and are happy being themselves. I feel music is the gateway to a lot of emotions and to me the artist I’m choosing display music that I can relate to by message or by just fun. Some of them I enjoy their love of things that men usually don’t love; pink, flowers, anime, other cultures outside their own. Some I love because the way they speak about things in the black community and the ways they try to make a difference. Most of them I love for their love of women and the display of it.

So I’ve already done three of my favorites (Chance the Rapper, Lil Uzivert, and Kid Cudi), I’m intending to continue on my journey with more and for now on starting with these three I’ll be posting why they were chosen and what message I’ve gotten from their music that made me choose them for my collections. Hope you guys enjoy!!

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