Hey guys! So I’m posting again!! I’m sorry for the delay in post; sadly since I’ve been in Korea I haven’t been able to do much of anything because I can’t go off post for a certain period of time by regulation. I’m making through though and trying my best not to allow this to bother me or hurt me during the Christmas season. It sucks not being able to spend Christmas with family or at least experiencing some form of festivities that I could truly enjoy but it’s life and I’m not going to allow it to keep me down for too long. With that being said, I posted my beauty regiment video for you guys to see. I hope you enjoy and like what you see and I appreciate all comments and support ❤

-Indigo Dominique

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The Wait Is Over! Here is My First Vlog Post!!!

So I know you’ve been waiting for this guys and it’s here at last. After forever waits, I have at last posted and have my video for you guys. I hope you guys enjoy my video although it isn’t the most interesting yet. I can’t wait to record more for you guys, and now that I have wifi I’ll be able to do more!

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5 Ways to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

So I’m probably the worst person to give advice on this subject. I’ve been in multiple long distance relationships between the ages of 16-and now and none of them have worked. I’ve either ended it myself or been cheated on in the process and it’s always led to emotional breakage and pain. However, yesterday I… Continue reading 5 Ways to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

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My current Art Inspiration: #Blackboymagic

I’ve been painting now for about eight months. Throughout painting I have always feared painting people; it just was never my thing. I was comfortable when I was painting and replicating different cartoon and anime characters but when it came to painting people it literally made my palms sweaty. I would get asked and automatically… Continue reading My current Art Inspiration: #Blackboymagic